Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog Bone Alley

While dad was researching where I can get new toys and treats, he came across "Dog Bone Alley" Over time he kinda forgot about it, but mom has been taking me to a new park lately and this place is close by. So one Saturday, mom grabs Spencer and his mom, and off we go to the dog park. After hours of romping around, we head to this new store.
Oh if I could add smell to my blog, Spencer and I were immediately enchanted with the aromas of treats and toys galore. We were given treats by the nice lady that works there and were able to hang out as long as we wanted. I was totally impressed by the worker, because I can't have beef treats and blueberries, she totally found these new treats for me. She might as well as given me whipped cream! I was hooked....dear friends you must find these "Chicken Littles" treats. One tiny bite and I orb'd mom into picking me up a bag.
Not only does this store have some of the yummiest treats known to pugkind, but the toys...oh it was like I was at Toy's R Us, but for dogs! They even had a section of clothes (not like I'd ever wear any), but Spencer's mom totally got him a super patriotic tie for the 4th of July. He even wore it to Pug Sunday in SF (but I tried to rip it off him).
Did I mention the leashes and collars? Loads of them! For any of you aquatic pugs out there, they have special leashes and collars that are water/mud/yuck proof. This is where Spencer and I went to that "animal communicator" lady. I've had such a great time there, that I've gone back a few more times, plus I ate all my "Chicken Littles" treats and I had to get more. Did I mention they give pugs free treats when you walk in the door? They totally dig our orbs! I mean who passes up the chance for a free treat? Mom already told me we'll be going back soon, so I'm working on some more "orb poses". I can already taste the yummy cookies coming my way.


  1. Hiya Bella-T!

    You and Spencer have the best shopping adventures. I used to think freshly made organic cowpies were special. Ha!

    That Pugnacious place you told me about was *awesome* and it sounds like Dog Bone Alley has just as much awesomeness. Just today my human was talking about needing to get one of those beach-proof collars for Dutch. And now that I'm officially not fat, I totally deserve some Chicken Littles.

    My human isn't much of a shopper though - can you can orb her into taking me to DBA?

  2. Oh Belly Buttons!!!!

    Can yous Mommy takes us too!! Huh?? Can she's??

    We's just love all 'dat stuffs!! Lots and Lots!!

    Hee Hee..yous tried taking off Spencers clothes!!
    Oh Belly!!
    We likes yous bloggy header photo!! Show offs yous orbs well!!

    Josie and Izzy

  3. Cute new pictures! The orb expression you have in the picture on top would totally work. Our human saw it, made an "aaww" sound, picked us up for some cuddles & then gave us frozen banana pieces for a treat. So flash your orbs to Dog Bone Alley people & you might leave with the store.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  4. Hi Bellatrix! I want to hang out with you and Spencer! I never get to go anywhere - I'm stuck in the house all the time. Those Chicken Littles look so delicious and you know how I love chicken. YUMMY!

    Stubby xoxo

  5. What up Stubbs- it'd be totally awesome if you could hang with the Bells n' I. We have quite the adventures. Dog Bone Alley is a great place and has all types of goodies. Mom bought me a very studious tie and I look very dapper in it. Maybe we can hit DBA this Sunday BT?

  6. OMD what a great store. I thinks it is called Toy R Pugs! I am asking Mum to gets me some of those treats.