Saturday, July 31, 2010

We have achieved normal poop!!

You guys we should totally go on TV and charge people for our pug powers. Thanks to all your pawsitive thoughts, I'm back to my normal ruckus making self....and I'm making up for lost time. Let me tell you how this all went down.
Mom got a call today from the vet (not her normal vet but a substitute vet she's not so crazy about), but it turns out I had an overgrowth of bacteria ( with a long ass name I can't remember-not giardia) and it took up residence in my lower intestine. I guess my lower intestine is like Disneyland for this bacteria, because it didn't want to leave and it kept getting on the same ride. So I'm on this pill that will get rid of this bacteria and send it to Six Flags instead.
I still am on a chicken diet, but I'm getting my kibble mixed in again and mom went and bought some baby food (yummy fruity flavors and sweet potato) to mix in. I'll be back to my normal BBP (that's Big Beautiful Pug to you mister) in no time. Oh..that reminds me I"m so going to have to blog about the lecture I got at the vet saying I'm fat! I know!! Wait until you hear what he wants me to be....let's just say I wasn't that tiny since birth.
So that I'm pills and getting food again, I'm getting my energy back, just in time for Sunday's With Spencer. ( If you're new to my blog-he's my bestest friend in the galaxy) So because I"m feeling better mom and dad took me for a nice long walk in the 'hood. I picked up this charming habit from Spencer, you bite the leg of your mom and dad when they walk (this is dad in the picture) and when they (your 'rents) get mad, you orb them all cute like. Oh they act like they don't like it, but I know they do...even though they say things like "NO!" and "AH AH!" and this old one "BELLATRIX LESTRANGE STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!"
So for all of you who sent me well wishes I totally appreciate it, it made me feel better and back to myself. If you're new to my blog, welcome! I get into all sorts of trouble and love to orb my way out of it. If you're curious about my liver...well we still don't know. This bacteria has nothing to do with I'll have to keep you updated. Thanks again everyone again for well wishes and prayers and thoughts. Now I'm off to watch COPS on TV and bark at the bad guys.


  1. Oh Belly Buttons!!

    We's are so glad you are feeling better just in time for yous play date with Spence!!! Yeah!!

    What a relief (hee hees) get it!! what?? No.. .k- I stop :(
    'dis is such good news 'dat yous are regular and we's just hope yous liver tests comes back okay as well!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  2. pee-s..

    those liver tests will come back know why??
    'cuz youz is BellatriX!!!!

    And yes!! The power of 'da paw works wonders!!
    big hugs again and what 'da heck...kisses too!!!


  3. Oh Bella-T,

    Only you can even make poop cute. And funny too :)

    Glad you've got some pills that'll send the bacteria family packing. My human's dying to know what your bug was called. Because she's a geek like that.

  4. Gald your on the mend, is a fun game that biting of legs I'm always doing it, the best is when you can get them to trip up.
    See Yea George xxx

  5. Woot woot,
    Oh yeah, that's right, kick them bacteria right out the house. I am so relieved you are feeling better, now I can fully enjoy my vaca. We are checking in this week. (can't rest for a minute with those fire hydrant boy's plotting against us. So we will check back and make sure you stay on the mend. You go girl, you know go like in keep getting better, not go like you bees going. Haha.

  6. Belly's,
    Wesa so happy you feelings muchum betterums. Wesa hope that pills kicks that nasty bacteria in its bum and makes it head out of your belly's town...and hit the road...
    Anywhos...keeps up on the mending and updates us when you find out how your liver tests came out...I'm sure since you have a few "trix" that it will come out negative.
    Later Belly!
    Muchas Kisses and Pug Hugs,
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I had one of those nasties last month and it was no fun at all! I hope that medicine sends it far away!

    LOVE the title of your post!! BOL!


  8. Happy Days again Bella,
    So glad your feeling better!!!! You go have a great time now and let us hear all about it..
    Sending good vibes to kept staying on the feel good track.


  9. Yeah Bellatrix that's great news! And yeah we so (um me onlu) get middle named if we (um me again) are getting in troubles.


  10. Yeah Bells! We are so glad to hear the poop factory is back to normal. Ya know, yo never really think about how nice it is to poop properly until, well, you can't.
    Today we got the spa treatment. Mom's been Furminating us Alllll day long. We kinda like it!

    Keep us posted

    Gen & Lefty

  11. We knew you had been sick but we had no idea how bad it was. We are sooo sorry that you had to go through all of that but are very happy that you're getting better. We've been kinda out of touch our Mom got sick too (bad reaction to new medication) & had to stay at the doctor's house, we guess because we weren't allowed to see her. It was only a couple of days but it felt like forever. That's probably how it felt when you were sick. We've been catching up ever since she got back. The only good thing is Mom has felt really guilty about being away & is giving us extra attention. We even went to PugSun... we were hoping to see you there. We missed you. Keep getting better. You're in our PugPrayers.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  12. Bellatrix!

    I am so sorry that I have been away for blogging for a while and I missed your sickies. :(

    I am SO relieved to come back and see that you are on the mend. I am thinking of you and hoping that the worst is over!!!!!!

  13. Hola Bella!!!
    Licky here with Spongy,
    We are so glad you are feeling alot better, we don't you have weight problem (I think your doc has not met spongy jijjiji) you look great!!
    Licky & Spongy