Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a sensative girl

The other day mom picked me up from daycare (like usual) only today she didn't seem like her normal happy self. We quickly got into the car, no filtered water or extra hugs for me, and we just drove home. Yup, no Katy Perry blasting, no Lady Gaga well gaga-ing, nope just silence. Mom seemed very distracted, not really giving me the love I'm so accustomed to. We get home, after a few stops for mom to just breathe (weird huh?), and she just hands me off to dad. No big "We're Home!" song and dance we like to do, no (gulp!) feeding me...she just takes off to the bedroom.

Dad explained that mom had a migraine headache and needed me to be extra good. I understood. I didn't go down the hallway asking mom to come out, I didn't bark at the birds in the backyard...nope I was on my best behavior. When we went in a few hours later to wake mom up, I just tip-toed in and gave her my "I understand" orbs. She said she felt a little better, but not 100%, so I did what any pug in this situation could do...sleep.
I made sure I didn't bother her all night. I just slept and quickly went potty when we went outside, but I was a perfect angel. Mom and I went to bed early, and when she woke up the next morning, she was back to her loud Italian self....and the best news...she gave me extra love for being so good. Ahhh...all was well.
So I ask all you fellow friends...when your human isn't feeling 100% and they need that extra pug attention, are you in tune with that? Do you behave yourself or do you just know when something isn't right? It's our job to put smiles on their faces, and I know I earned my pug wings.

Oh and yes my bed is inside day I got mad at it and made it my bitch. 'Nuff said.


  1. Oh, Bella~T ~

    You totally earned your wings. I asked Google about the Migraine thing and it sounds awful. You were !00% right to be super-quiet and extra-sensitive. I'm glad your mom is back to being loud :)

    My human doesn't get migraines, but sometimes her head implodes. When that happens, she has to sleep. Sometimes it's for a few hours. But one time slept for 24 hours straight - without peeing (thank god we have a dog door). I always watch over her when she sleeps. Sit vigil, my human calls it.

  2. 24 hours? What about food? What about beach time? I can't go that long doing anything...well maybe eating. That's scary, I would be nervous for my human. I'm glad she has you for pug-watch, you should have a badge! You're like a pug sheriff!

  3. Hi Bella,
    What a good little girl you are. I am glad your Mom is feeling better.
    When one of my humans is feeling bad, Sluggo is the healing pug. He goes one step further and virtually takes on the troubles. He is always Moms shadow, every step she takes and was with her all through recovering from surgery. This past winter though Dad wasn't feeling good,and Slugs stayed with him for 2 straight days.
    Brigitte is the nurse,always checking and staying by your side to monitor you.
    I'll check in periodically, but my job is mostly to hold down the ship, make sure everything continues to function without interruption (like meals)
    However, when the chips are really down, I shift into high pug perception mode and always know the exact thing to do to help the peeps feel better.

  4. You earned a gold star. A jewel in your eternal crown. Hopefully, an extra bully stick maybe?
    We always help mom when she is feeling bad. We even resist bity-face and everything. Mom says Kitty is the healer of us two, and instantly, just by letting mom hug and pet her ears endlessly, makes her feel better. Kitty begs for mom to hold her and such, so I guess she gets extra brownie points for needing loving.


  5. You have earned your curly tail. We pugs are best at being there for our humans no matter the conditions. We feel so bad for your Mom that she had a migraine. Our human suffers from them as well. She also had to have part of a brain tumor removed & sometimes it still gives her problems. We know right away when something's wrong. Then we are very quiet & stay very close until she feels better. It's good that you're there to keep an eye on her. We are here for anything you or humans need. Our human has had migraines all her life so she's good to talk to for any questions or just plain support.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. Yes Bella, you have earned your curly tail!! A migraine is an evil pounding, throbing moster that goes inside our humans' heads. Sometime momma gets one and she has to lie down very quiet. She told us a story about her used-to-be alien-cats. When she was feeling bad, they would lay down next to her and massage her with their paws! It always made her feel better. Since we are not allowed on the bed, we haven't been able to try that.

    Gen & Lefty

  7. It's sad to see that many of our humans have these awful headaches. It's good to know that we pugs are on duty to make them feel better. It can never be said's tough to be a pug!

  8. Belly Buttons!!

    Tell yous Mommy we are sorry for her ouchie headache!!

    Mommy gets 'dose headaches and 'dey are so bad. We just lay on her hoping 'dat it will help. Mommy has had Migraine Headaches since she was 19 years old and as of the past two years they have gotten far worse. Sorry to complain, but this is a subject 'dat rings close to home. Like you, we just try to behave to.
    There are days where Mommy can't even move they are so bad. Daddy has to come home to let us out even...
    Any hooman who has ever had one understands this we's sure.
    Yous a Good Belly for letting yous Momma rest!!

    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin Man

  9. Belly we love what you did with the bed BOL!!!

    Oh and we try to be good girls like you when our humans aren't feeling good. You sound like a super great girl though!!!