Friday, July 16, 2010

Predator Pug

I may be a sleek 20 something pounds of cute puggy-wuggy goodness, but I have another side. No, it isn't my alias. Daddy calls it my animal side, even though I don't think of myself as an animal, just a pug. I won't mention how I started to beg at the backyard door, tricking Daddy to open I could chase Gracie the neighbor's cat, or how I brought back Daddy a carcass of a mystery critter that I dug up in the backyard....I'm just a pug, not some canine predator. However, Mommy and Daddy thought I should channel all that dog-like energy into a more safe play time, and they said that I should have another toy!

So, I wasn't sure what was going on when they dropped me off at Granma's house in the middle of the day?!? Mommy said they were going to bring me a sooprise from a place called Eye-kee-Ya...Not sure what that place was, but the way they were talking, sounded like a giant pug-centric toystore!

Just as the sun was going down, I heard the tap at the door, and Mommy and Daddy picked me up! I couldn't smell anything, and I didn't see anything except big brown boxes in the car...Surely there must be SOMETHING fer me?!?

Well, when I got home there was!

Oh wow! My really own gecko!! I grabbed it, tossed it in the air, threw it on the floor....It is such a cool and tasty toy! Sure, I like my Flappy and Kubba Wubba, but the Gecko is different....It fulfills my animal side and I can still be a cute puggers!

I still dont know where they went, but Eye-Kee-Ya didnt seem like it had fun human toys....just big brown boxes that make Daddy sweat and use bad words. I wonder what's in the boxes?

Maybe he needs some Gecko time?


  1. Oh cool! We have a giant snake from the place with the boxes that makes humans swear. Dutch has a spotted dog bed from there too. It is spotty like your Gecko but not nearly as cute.

  2. Hi Bella
    So cool you got a toy from that place with the big boxes that make humans swear. We've had a few of those boxes come through our new house and I never even knew that place had toys!
    Well, looks like someone is gonna pay!

  3. What a cute new toy! enjoy, love :]

  4. Your so cutes with your new gecko! Does he flops around like he is alives?

  5. Oh Belly!!

    We LOVE your new toy!! Yous look soooo cute playing wits its!!

    Mommy is laughing so hard at Eye-Kee-Ya!!! And our Daddy does 'da same ting yous Daddy does wit 'da big brown boxes!! Mommy hides wit us in other room when Daddy puts tings togethers!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  6. We love it when our human comes home from the place with big boxes full of bad words; toys always accompany the boxes. We have so much fun with them & our Mom likes them because they last a long time. Eye-Kee-Ya must have toys for pugs & bad words for humans. Enjoy your new gecko, you look very puggy playing with it.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  7. Bellatrix! I have the same close relationship with my Rocky Raccoon. How I love that flat critter. Doesn't make me an animal any more than it makes my human a dog when we play tugawar together.
    BTW, we LUV EYE-KEE-YA as well.

  8. Oh my goodness, I love your new new.. umm, prey! You are a master hunter!!!!

  9. Calling misses Belly Buttons.....

    Are's yous in 'deres????

    If so's we's miss yous...come outs and play soon!!

    Izzy and Josie and Anakin Man