Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Hey everyone! Once again it's time for my weekly feature of shameless promotion...aka Random Acts of Cuteness. This is where mom flaunts my cuteness for her own satisfaction. Where she shows me off like any good mom does with her kid. So I have no choice but to pose my butt off and work every orb possible.

Now this one was taken after I went into the city to meet Stubby! We had a blast (more of those pictures will follow), but after I was one tired pug. If you don't read Puglet's blog...shame on you! If you do, you'll notice her mom took a most adorable picture of head over there if you can handle more cuteness of me.

Here's my buddy Spencer being ADORABLE at the dog park with me on Sunday. He's also on Puglet's blog...looking oh so cutie pie. Now ladies he's you can look...but no butt sniffing! hehehe...oh Spencer I just kissed the ya! for the cool's is my buddy "RAMBO" he was picked as my featured friend for the week. Isn't he a cutie pie? It looks like he just enjoyed a super yummy treat. He's so cute I can get a cavity.
Rambo is the man
After this he ran
Moving like a van
Bustin' up a fan
Only as he can!

Oh...I and I will try to come up with a funny little poem (often times it isn't going to be very good) about your name and personality. He has one of the best names ever! Dad says I don't get to see that movie though, too violent for my little pug orbs. So love ya Rambo and now sit back and bask in the glow of your cuteness.

If you sent in your pictures look for yours to be featured in future weeks.


  1. Oh Bellatrix! We are so happy for you! We tried to hide in the baggage part of the airplane but they caught us and we had to go back home. Sorry for missing out on the fun day! Now we want some chicken nuggets!

  2. You sure look fabulous in those pictures Bellatrix! And, don't worry, my butt is only yours for the sniffing!

  3. Bellatrix we luvs these posts! Rambo is cute and we both promise not to try to sniff any Spencer booty hee hee!!

    Sequoia and Tuni

  4. BTW...that sure is a cool picture of Rambo! Looks like an action shot! You're poem was pretty too

  5. I tried my paw at's what I came up with:
    I've got a curl for the girls,
    I've got a wave for the babe,
    My name is Spencer B.,
    And I love my BellaT!!

  6. Hey Bella-T (and Spencer B)!

    It was so fun hanging with you. Maybe next time we'll go to your side of the bridge so we can go someplace you don't have to wear leashes. Someplace without woodchips, my human says.

    She's sooo high maintenance!

    Rambo action! Cool :)

  7. Oh Spencer that was the coolest poem ever! So sassy and just for me. I told mom that you must always be included in my cuteness posts, so don't be alarmed if every Sunday she shoves a camera in your face.
    Puglet Spencer and I hang out at a park with mostly grass and just a little bit of wood chip...maybe that would be ok for you?

  8. Bella. Thank you for that super poem. Your cuteness tops us all. Spencer dude you are one lucky pug.
    Love ya

  9. You & SpencerB are sooo cute together! We had fun with you on Saturday. We hope to get together again really soon. We're researching a universally approved dog park, too. We really enjoy having all of our friends in the same place.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  10. Belly Buttons!!!!!!!! Oh's we's missed yous!!!!
    Kisses kisses hugs hugs!!!!!

    We's so far behinds on bloggys!!!!

    Such cutes pho-toes!!! And 'dat poem is super cutes!!! Okay so Josie says she is sending ins a pho-toes and she's mad at Mommys for forgetting to send her pho-toes she hads picked outs all specials from last weeks!!!

    As I just told Wilma... Josie is trying to give me a perm.. so I go now, butt we's be back laters!!!

    IzZY & Josie

  11. Hi Bellatrix,
    I am so happy for you that you got to meet Stubby and hang with Puglet and the gang. It must have been so much fun.
    That Rambo looks like a wild and crazy guy. I like it!