Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One big stick, one little victory...

I was havin' a lazy day home with my Daddy, today. He was running around the house doing what he does before Mommy comes home, so I decided to amuse myself in the backyard. I was runnin' around, chasing leaves, eatin' bugs, when I saw IT...and IT was H-U-G-E! A thing of pug-beauty, a super delicious bigger than life...stick!! Not just any stick, this stick was mine! It was perfectly seasoned, just the right hardness for me to chew on and leave an amazing pugified mess all over the kitchen floor! I was in heaven...But there was a small problem.

I won't fit through the darn door!! I'm too small to push the door open, and I can't break through the wall. First thought was to chew my way in. After all, I'm a great chewer, but even I can't chew through a metal door or the see through stuff I sometimes hit me head on. was back to square one:

A running start! So, with stick-in-mouth, I get aboot half way into the back yard, and give it my best pug-sprint! BOOM...BOOM...BOOM....I tried it three times, but the door wouldn't budge, and luckily my cherished stick didn't break. That's when Daddy came to investigate, and I had to drain almost all of my precious Orb Power...I was successful, and drove him back to the kitchen table! He'll NEVER see me and my precious stick! SO, I then thought that I could slide the stick in sideways:

And then it happened...I was busted!! Daddy heard my commotion, and I had to beat paw back into the backyard, stick in mouth! I was soooo close to stick heaven on the kitchen floor! Daddy chased me all over the backyard, but my pug moves outsmarted him. Then it happened....CRACK! I was sprinting around the contraption where Daddy cooks meats, and DROPPED MY STICK! Darn smooshed nose!! Daddy got a hold of it, but not before I grabbed an end. A tug-of-war started, and I wasn't givin' up! I strained with all my pug power, until...SNAP!!!!!! My stick broke!!!!! I then scooted past Daddy and ran into the house, with my little piece o' victory:

I WON! Daddy let me chew on it for a little while, and I realized that this one little victory wasn't as important as the time I spent with my Daddy. I had super fun! Then it was dinner time, so I left my stick and it disappeared...Maybe to be found again, one day.


    It is a hard thing to do carrying something long like that. Our human recently bought us one of those long dog toys and it was hard getting past a few doors in our house. CONGRATS!

  2. Bella, you look so cute with that big yummy stick. What is it with these humans & sticks? They never let us drag them into the house, the car or any place that would seem fun to chew a stick. Once we found a great big stick at the park that took all 3 of us to carry & our human wouldn't let us take it home. Yoda refused to leave the park without his stick but our human's will is stronger, really she just picked him up & put him in the car. Hope you find the stick again it looked delicious.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  3. Oh Bella that sure is one mighty fine looking stick, Congrats on your victoriousness a tryumf for doglets everywhere


  4. Hi Bellatrix! What a story! You are like the little engine that could. You never give up and kudos to you for finally getting what you wanted.

    I don't get the whole stick thing but maybe that's because I'm old. If it's not real human food, I'm just not interested.

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Wow Bella,
    You are one determined little puppy. I like that about you. And a bonus day with your Dad, those are priceless.
    Just be careful with your tender belly, those sticks are tasty, but they always seem to give me a belly ache. Just lookin' out for ya.

  6. Bella,
    I'm impressed. Nothing big ever fits in my mouth. You were very sneaky! I stick with paper. I loves to eat it.

  7. Hi Bellatrix,
    I love sticks too but my mommy and mommy won't let me have them at all! That is why I love "gardening" with my auntie Tina. She doesn't care if I chomp a stick or two. I 'specially loves apple tree sticks.
    Love Noodles

  8. WOW I wish I could come across sticks like that! I always find ones that break on stride! But I too am only victorious with paper. Good job finding your way inside!

  9. Bellatrix that stick looks so mouth watering good! We hope you find it again someday and you eat it on the kitchen floor!

  10. Bella,
    You are very sneaky and good at it. Your Dad is the best, my Dad would have stop me at the door.
    Hope you find lots more!!!!

  11. Hee hees!! Oh sorry Belly!! Butt you are so cute in your pho-toes!! A little Belly Buttons wits 'dat great big 'ol stick!! And even funnier.. well not so muches for yous... 'dat 'dey snatched its aways from yous!! Dat's the oldest tricky tricks in 'da books... take its from us's!!

    Mommy does dat to us all 'da times!!!
    She gives Anakins a bone.. and it gets down to nub and she doesn't want him to choke.. butt he has kung-fu grips so Mommy has to tricks um and gets a treat and calls him in 'da other room.. shut 'da door.. he eats it.. runs in the first room.. takes the nub bone.. and trows it aways..

    hee hees.. Den he comes back ands like..
    which way did it go George....
    and she does 'da sames wits Izzy too's.
    And wits broken toys or destuffed stuffies!!

    I am innocent and just sit backs and laughs at 'dems.. butt I'm sure your cases is different.. yous involved movement and exercises.. just use 'dems orbs!!

    So Anakin has been playing wits his toys ALL day and Chompin'.. he's been spoiled.. he even lets us tastes some booty and chicken little treats.. we's saving the Bully Sticks for the weekend when Mommy ignores us wits chores!!

    Thanks again Belly!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs to Yous!!
    Anakin Man.. (nom nom nom)....suffs guds..chunch.....
    IzZY>>>playing wits toys..

  12. Hi Bellatrix,
    Sorry the Bison Ankles made your tummy funny. Sure sounds like Puglet really enjoyed his special package.
    That is one big prized stick you found! Glad you were able to savor some of it in the kitchen. I like sticks too But it looks like you and my best friend have stick super powers in common. Check out my blog post called "Meat Ball Pill".