Friday, August 20, 2010

Special service announcement from me...Belly!

That above is what Daddy calls a giant masked rat...I asked him what it *really* was ('cause he calls all animals rats of some sorts: antlered rats, flying rats, etc etc). He says it was a "Raccoon." Daddy told me that we have to be real careful, as raccoon's aren't usually out playing during the day, especially on a busy street. So, we decided to make this blog a Special Announcement from me....The Belly...about seeing urban wildlife.

I bet a lot 'o pugs live in places like I do, with lost of trees and lots of wild animals. Mommy and Daddy said that we have raccoons, possums, and one night, when I was doing my poddy in the backyard, Mommy and Me smelled the nastiest thing ever...Even worse than my sick-poos. Mommy said a Skunk was in the backyard! And we ran back inside the house!

So, Mommy and Daddy explained to me that we should share our area with the wild animals (non pugs) that also live around us. They said the best way was to ignore them, and that these critters are not play buddies or toys. Mommy and Daddy also told me to be extra careful on our walks and at the doggie parks we go to, and not to wander into the bushes or leave their side because we have a big doggie like critter called Keye-otes (Daddy edit: coyotes...silly pug) that live near us. Now, I'm all for protecting Casa-Pug, my doggie parks, and Mommy and Daddy. BUT I'm not messing with that! Mommy even told me that she has a friend whose doggie was snatched by one! So, be careful!

I guess I can only say that we pugs, although super tough, shouldn't mess with the wild critters around us. We should give them their space and leave them alone, though I do bark a lot at them, I can't help it, but I'm trying to be better!

Just to keep my blog lively:

That's me! Mommy told me that she has some things planned for my blog, including a surprise guest bloggie-pug! And I'm not saying who it is...yet!

I don't think I updated everyone with my health issues...Well, When I had the sickie-poos, the Vet said my liver had bad numbers. Well, I was retested, and ...EVERYTHING IS NORMAL! I guess those little bugs in my guts were pretty bad...But everything's O.K.

Also, a super-snorty HI to my friend Stubby, who's in town for a few days on a stop on The Stubby World Tour. Unfortunately, I can't drive (legs too short to hit the pedals) and Mommy and Daddy have to work, or else I'd come to visit...Have fun!!


  1. Hi Bellatrix! I'm so gald to hear at your liver numbers are back to normal. No more sickies for you!

    We have lots of wildlife that live near us. We have all the critters you mentioned plus foxes. The foxes have a den at our pond and each year they have babies that come out to play with me when I'm on my morning walk. I love all the critters!

    I'm super bummed that you can't come out to Crissy Field on Saturday but I totally understand. Our peeps must work all the time to keep us in the lap of luxury we deserve. You'll be there in spirit!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Great news about your liver numbers! You are so right about leaving all the wild critters alone. We get all kinds in our yard. We had to learn the hard way about skunks. In case anyone doesn't know: tomato juice does not work - a combination of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap & baking soda works immediately. However we recommend avoiding skunks altogether, as much as it pains us to defend our territory.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  3. WTF is going on with the creatures?? We saw urban wildlife this morning too! Except ours wasn't giant. Or masked.

    The creature totally tried to attack Dutch - my human tried to scare it away, but it was not afraid. She yelled and everything. Scare-y.

    Your dad is probably right on this one. Creatures can be scary. Check out the video on today's DP and you'll see what I mean.

  4. We have the scary coons too! Never seen them in Virginia but they are crazy here in Washington. We also have wild cats (random cats that live in our complex, maybe 10 of them) that Mom says we can't mess with either. Stay safe at Casa de Pug!


  5. hee hees.... Oh Belly!!! Looks at yous little faces in 'dat pho-toes!!!

    we's has 'da raccoons too's!! 'dey be teasing us alls 'da times!! 'day squirrels are just as bad!!

    Oh's wells..

    use your orbs and get rids of ums.. hee hees!!!

    Glad to hear yous poops are betters!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man