Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

I had a super fun weekend! I had lots of play time, and that also meant lots of nap time. I love me some good nap time, and I love it even more on mom's lap. A young pug such as I, needs to rest my eyes. See these orbs just don't happen on their own. I have to make sure they get rest, cleaned and refreshed before I show them to the world. Can't have my best features look bad!
Oh this is embarrassing! Mom caught me mid sleep. My orbs aren't ready to face the world! Oh mom! all know I open my Monday blog for all adorable pups out there. This one was tough...why you ask, oh because Minnie Moo is cuter than me! Oh she works her snout, she dresses up and.....

She's hot in a bikini! Look at her abs! That just isn't fair. Mom says it's because I'm Italian and we just look at cake and we gain weight. Oh Minnie Moo, you are so adorable. You made my Random Acts of Cuteness page extra cute today. I can totally picture her as Miss July in a calendar. Hehehe.

Oh you wish you had this on your wall.

Remember to send your pics in. Mom has a file going and we promise you will all be put up in the order we get them.


  1. Oooohhhh have too many best features for the camera! Too bad you don't like to wear clothes..I think we should get you a bikini like Minnie Moo's! Too cute!

  2. Rest those pretty orbs Bellatrix. Need some eye drops I got three orbs are getting old hee hee! Go Minnie she looks fab in her outfits!

    Old Lady Tuni

  3. Woo. That Minnie Moo is a hottie. I've never seen a pug in a bikini suit before - she totally knows how to work it.

    You've got the orbs, she's got the abs... my human says that could be a Pet Shop Boys song? She's so weird.

  4. If Minnie lived in Cali, she could be your girlfriend Pug. I'm kinda glad she doesn't, because she's so cute she'd steal my Spencer's heart.
    Mom giggled over your Pet Shop Boys joke. I don't know what's funny, pet shops rule!

  5. Wow she is cute. I bet Anakin would order more than one copy of that picture BOL!


  6. Belly Buttons!!! Yous orb's are still fabulous in 'da morning!!
    Oh what a super cute pho-toes!! Mini Moo is adorable!! 'da Josie use to fit in a bikini's like 'dat when I's was younger Josie gurl!! Now its strictly one piece!! IzZY still tries to stuff herself's into a two piece.. hee hees!!

    Spencer seems like his eye balls are in his head for yous Belly as Anakin's are for his Sweetie Pies only!!

    Butt Mini Moo is a knock out for sure!!! Oh to be 'dat young again!!!!

    'da Josie

  7. Bella, you are the beautiful one! I am so excited to be on your bloggie!!!!!!!! Lincoln and I love your orbs (so does mommy).

    Mommy says that my abs are an illusion or something like that, from that angle...hehe...

    And I would love to be featured in a Pet Shop boys song with you...we could be those hot pug video dogs, you flashing your orbs and me in my bikini. Maybe you could even wear a bikini too!!

    Thanks again!
    Muah, Minnie Moo

  8. I so want a pug/... we have two welsh terriers and a scottie.... a pug would look grand with them!!!!

  9. Bella-T,
    Love the cute Minnie Moo, I don't think I was ever that size.LOL Thank you for sharing your blog with cuteness. But we all know the cutenss is Bella orbs.....
    Love Ya,

  10. Aw thanks guys, you totally dig my orbs and I love showing them off to you. I get so happy to share cuteness, I mean who doesn't love cute? Cute pugs, cute kitty, cute dogs, cute pugs...hehehe. I am real happy you guys want to share your cuteness with me. I always know someone has sent mom in their entries, it's the very loud "AWWWW!!" and of course, the squeal. So keep sending them