Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bellatrix's Gray Whisker??

Mom got very excited because the mom of the Elgin Gang (hi Miss Katy!) wrote this awesome book. It's super cute and best of all....it's got pugs!! Mom was even more excited when we opened it and Miss Katy wrote a little note us. So awesome!!

So if you haven't stolen your mom or dad's credit card, do so now! Get online...you know those nails are long enough to hit the keyboard...and order one. You'll thank me. It's really cute and funny and it's a great bonding experience with your 'rents. Because you'll have to curl onto their laps, orb 'em, snuggle and have them read it to you. Well, that's what I did with my mom. She gives good lap, I highly recommend it.


  1. Oh little Bellatix!! I am so happy you love the book!! I have been reading it to my guys too!!

    You and your Momma are so sweet and made my night!!

    Josie just tugged on my shoulder and wanted me to mention how much of a kick she got out of the Charmed chant on her bloggy post!!

    Big Hugs Sweet Belly and Hugs to your Momma too!!

    ~Katy & gang

  2. I have been letting Josie bloggy for so long.. my typing skills are lacking..

    pardon my for the typo in your name.. Bellatrix!!
    I left out your "R" I give it back :)

  3. Ooooooh dis bookie gonna be so muches funnsies to read...they gonna be famous, hopes I can gets me an autograph...sigh!
    I steals da dad's credit card when he get home.


  4. Mom ordered this book for me too and I give it four paws up. There was even a special message written by Elgin gang's mom to me! It made me feel very special. Mom read it to me as soon as we received it. Grandma and grandpa read it to me too! It's my favorite- it's awesome.

  5. I'm having my Mommy check it out! Thanks for the recommendation :)