Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Force is Strong with this One!

So today was the big day....We were going to pick the winner of my "Bellatrix Booty". First mom went back and got every one's name off the blog and wrote them on the same size piece of paper. Some of you have silly pictures or sayings by your favorite is Rambo's gun.

Then mom and dad scattered them in the back yard and I went crazy trying to chase them in the wind.

I finally picked the winner...well actually I decided I was going to eat the paper with the name of the winner on it. After mom and dad chased me down and I got some very stern "DROP IT!"s they had the winner.....

Congrats to my man Anakin and his problems with heavy breathing (NOTE: If you haven't seen Star Wars to get that joke....then I can't help you and good it already!!) So to Anakin's mom (hi Katy) please email my mom your shipping address (she said she would have emailed you but didn't want to ruin the surprise!!) I'm so excited to have done this and I'm pestering mom to do so again because my birthday is coming up at the end of the keep an eye out for more goodies.

Hope you all had a good weekend and I'm super excited because my buddy Spencer just got back from a mini-vacation. I missed him sooooo's been a week (UNACCEPTABLE MOMS!!) and we have to welcome back Spencer.


  1. You know the papers look prety tasty how did you resist gobbling thems all downs? Congrads to my Anakin man he did a great Booty post. And Belly you are so sweet to do a give aways.



    {running around in circles}...

    {drinking water and getting settled}...

    ME WON!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Oh I's sooooooo excited Bellys!!!! I's can't wait to gets me loots!!!! Oh's me love 'da foods!!!
    Hu Hu's... I's love me PAW PEE'S by me names!!!
    we's laughing and Mommy was laughing so hards at 'da little gun by Rambo's name... 'dats funnys!!
    So I's having Mommy e-mails yous Mommy rights aways!!!
    Oh's I's can't waits...
    I's better wait by me window 'cuz If's Izzy gets to me special packages first shes steals 'dems...
    Anakin Man

  3. Yea, Anakin! So happy for you, buddy!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Congratulation ANAKIN Man!!!!!!!
    Bella we LOVE our Silly Pictures of us!
    Thank you for doing the Giveaway!
    Spongy & Licky

  5. Won you have, young jedi,Anakin. To you, much congratualations.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. Can I just say that paper was especially yummy and mom really had to be stern with me to get it out of my mouth. I was 2 seconds from swallowing it, so delicious! Poor mom sometimes I run her ragged, and she just doesn't know what to do.

  7. Yay Anakin!!!! Congrats Buddy!

    Lola Bugs

  8. Bellatrix! We hope you're feeling better. We owe a LOT to all the pugs-n-peepo's here, when walter was hit by a car, everyone's prayers got us through - SO, you can count on us for our ongoing love and support. Glad you got those nasty bacterias in check. If you were on antibiotics, sometimes adding probiotics (yogurt) can help your system back on track! big kisses!

  9. Hey my man Anakin!!!!! Don't you just love getting stuff in the mail, food stuff makes it even better. Congrats man!!!!
    Thanks Bella and Bella Mom for all the fun, my Mom is laughing so hard her thumbs aren't working right.

  10. How cool- congrats Anakin! Belly I sure did miss you...let's plan our next playdate soon!