Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

So this is my second posting to "Random Acts of Cuteness" I thought I'd try something new and try to get like a new angle. I was watching a re-run of "America's Next Top Model" (I totally think they should do a dog one!) and Tyra is all like...
"You're all about this angle"
"Try a different pose"
"You're face is bland"
You knot how hard that is?? And then I found out you have to stay real tiny to be a supermodel. So not going to happen with this pug!

So people....I asked for some of your pictures and I didn't get any sent to me and my mom. We totally want to promote everyone's cuteness. So get those pictures in....until then here's my super handsome buddy Spencer.

Begin you're "AWWWWW"s now.


  1. Oooh ooooh. You can promote my cuteness. My human seems to have forgotten how cute I am :(

    And Bella, have you ever even watched America's Next Top Model?? Tyra says it's all about The Smize: smiling with your eyes.

    (don't ask how a manly pug like me knows these things. uh, Dutch is a huge Tyra fan)

    You might be too plus sized to be a 'traditional' supermodel, but with your orbs - no one will notice. I mean, you're like ubermodel cute.

    You too Spencer. Even if you are a dude.

  2. Belly Buttons!!!!!

    Super Cutes Pho-toes!!!! Yous little tongues in 'dat first ones in adorables!!!! Awwwwwwwwww!!

    We's get ours Mommy to e-mails our photo's to yous soon!!

    Great Idea!!

    Big Hugs!!!!!
    IzZY, Josie, and Anakin Man

  3. pee-s....
    Super Cutes pho-toes of Spencer too's!!!

  4. You guys totally have to get your pictures in to my mom! Elgin gang you can do individuals, I mean all that cuteness might send mom's modem into an overload!
    Pug-I totally forgot about the Smize!! I've like perfected it. Only I call mine "The Orbgasm". I would love to put you and Brother Dutch on my Random Cuteness days. Don't worry Pug, you'll have your own entry.
    Oh isn't my Spencer adorable...he makes me swoon.

  5. Orbgasm, now thats funny. We'll get our person to send you some pics. We have good ones from when we do agility competition.
    Ellie, Emmit and Eli, from San Antonio PS, we are new to reading your site. Its pretty cool.

  6. I think that being tiny is way over rated...Models are totally trying to do the curvy thing now. You should go with that angle.

    I promise to send you a random act of cuteness!

  7. Awwwwww....Spemcer is cutes and so are yous!!!


  8. HEY Bella,
    love the cuteness as always yours shines.

  9. OK Bella,I promise, I will have my Mom send along some cuteness pronto! Kinda glad we are all slow. We got some extra Bellatrix and Spencer cuteness.