Friday, August 13, 2010

Recycled Treats?

Today Pug's blog totally got me thinking about something....what happens when (gasp!) a fellow pug (or canine) doesn't like or can't eat a treat? See mom loves to buy me new treats, but sometimes I get sick (dang blueberries) or my super sensitive tummy (dang bison) gets upset with the treat. Mom just figures she has to either toss them...or better yet pass them along to a deserving fellow pug (or canine). Most stores won't take the treats back, and mom is so bad about keeping receipts, so she's stuck with treats with no dog to give them to. This got mom and I thinking....
When mom and dad got me those bison treats....I was lovin' them. They were so yummy and smelly. They were hard yet meaty...oh they were so awesome to chew on (oh excuse me I just had a food moment)....but then the next day came....and I wasn't lovin' those bison treats anymore. Oh it wasn't the grumbling of the tummy, nor the food coma that came with it, nope it was the er...other thing (totally censored) that got me. So while I loved those treats, they soon joined the list of banned treats. Mom was upset, she knew another pug out there would appreciate the treat...but who? Well, we blogged about it and Pug had mentioned he's got a cast iron stomach and loved trying new off they went to hopefully make his day.
See mom knows I have a sensitive tummy, so why not open this opportunity up for anyone who wants to recycle their treats (or toys) to a fellow pug (or canine) friend. So I thought it'd be really cool. that if anyone has a treat out there that they didn't like or can't eat, we should pass it on to the next dog. So if anyone is interested in this little program, let mom and I know and we're willing to use this blog as a medium for the passing.

Oh and mom said to start getting your funniest birthday stories ready....we're going to give away some fun and yummy prizes for my upcoming birthday!


  1. Hi Bellatrix! What a great idea! Kind of like ebay for treats. You are so smart!

    I don't have a cast iron stomach like Puglet (who does?) but there are treats I don't like. The problem is that I hardly ever get treats. Isn't that awful? I get human food treats and only occasionally get pug treats but if I have any that I don't like/get me sick, I will definitely pass them on to another pug.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Hi Bellatrix,
    What a great concept, becoming green and recycling treats that make your tummy funny for other pugs that have tuff tummies. Sounds like Pug really liked his special surprise package.


  3. Awesome idea Bellatrix! You sure are a thoughtful pug. I am big on recycling so any treats that get passed up I'll gladly take them off your paws! Ha :)

  4. Hey Bella-T!

    I think this is an awesome idea. And of course I'd love to be part of the program. My human says you can also give your unwanted treats to your local shelter. Before I came along, Dutch used to reject/get sick from all sorts of stuff. The dogs at the SF humane society got all sorts of tasties.

  5. PS: lovin me some bison ankles!!!!!!

  6. Hello Belly Buttons!!! That's a great ideas!! I have the strongest tummy out of everyones in the house!! Then Josie.. Then Anakin!! Okay.. So, we will keep that in mind!! Super cool!!

    We's getting our birfday stories ready too!! 'dat sounds fun!! Anakin is still enjoying his stuffs and he is being a good sharer!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  7. This is a great idea!! My sister Cali has LOTS of allergies that cause censored text so she sends her sympathies. Bison treats sound yummy!!


  8. We love it...uh oh... we've never really rejected a treat. But we want to share, so we talked mom into trying new stuff... just in case. We do have some ropes & busy bones that we don't use in case anyone is interested. Let us know. Oh and a frisbee, too, they're banned from the house since Phoebe ate one.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe