Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eating delays

In moms vain attempt to have me eat slower she has bought this evil contraption. It's called a "Squirrel Dude" and I don't like it! It takes forever for that kibble to come out and I have to work it for like 20 plus minutes and you all know when a pug wants to eat...she wants to eat.

It all started with the KONG, and that wasn't too bad, but mom says I've become a pro, and because I'm brilliant...her words not mine...I need to challenge my mind and my stomach. Enter Squirrel Dude.

See that hole in the middle? Mom or dad pours the sweet elixir that is my kibble into that hole...easy going in..not so easy getting out. Those evil tentacles inside prevent my life line from coming out and entering my pie hole. Now listen I like to eat...not going to lie...but having to work and work and work to get that food out...makes me ponder if it's worth it.

Oh yeah it is!! So what form of torture do you 'rents do upon you so that you have to slow down when you eat? Let your torture stories begin. I offer, in advance, my deepest sympathies.


  1. Wow. Tentacles? That's hard core. My human just adds water to my kibble to slow me down. So, intead of taking 3 seconds to inhale my measly 1/2 cup of food, it takes 10.

    My human's friend does this thing with her dog Katie called "bowling for corgis" (katie is a corgi). She tosses katie's kibble on the kitchen floor and katie runs around and hoovers it up. My human tried that with me, but got sick of me getting stuck under stuff trying to retrieve wayward kibbles.

  2. hee hee hees!!!! OMD!! 'dis is totally sometings 'da Josie and IzZY are going to has to gets for Anakin Man!!! BA HA HA HA HA!!! 'dat too funnies...

    Ours Momma hasn't seen 'dat ones yet!!!
    Oh's we's puttin' our order in!!!

    Josie & IzZY

    try orbing yous way out of 'dat mess.. perhaps yous kibble comes out 'dat ways

  3. Hmmm....we hope it works.
    ~Baby and Lucy

  4. Oh our basset brother could definitely use something like that!!!!

    ~Lola Bugs & The Monster Crew

  5. Hmmmmmm...little miss Natty could sure use a contraption like that. She's already mastered the Kong and her treat ball.

    Natty's Mama

    BELLY!!! WHY'S YOU DO DIS TO ME's!!! WHY?!?!?!


    I don'ts eats kibble. Blecch. Raw meaty nuggets for me! Try puttin' DOSE in a squirrel dude, mama! Bahahaha.

    da Klaus

  6. Bellatrix, that is pure torture. My meal is served with this big hard ball called an Omega Paw Ball. I prevents me from gobbling my food cuz it fills my bowl and is heavy and I can only get my kibble out one or two at a time. THEN she piles lettuce, bananas, assorted veggies on top and those cannot be gulped either!
    Love Noodles

  7. I have a red ball that holds the kibbles or treat pieces inside and I have to roll it around trying to get one little morsal out at a time. Heres a tip on how to get her to stop with the green meanie. Roll the thing under the couch so it gets stuck and whine like crazy that its under the couch. Worked for me and the red ball!


  8. Oh you guys with the couch...first off food stays in the kitchen with my mom! I know...meanie huh?? Next the sofa is a place of worship, I treat it nicely, thus I get to sleep on it. I had to earn sofa privlages, so I'm not about to loose them. Notice how a lot of my pictures are while I"m on that sofa?? Not by mistake.
    I'm also thinking I'm seeing a pattern here when it comes to our food. Seems the 'rents want us to not eat??!! Is this possible? Why else would they make us slow down? Hmm I smell a conspiracy.

  9. Hi Bellatrix,
    It's Sluggo, Gee,I get water in my kibble and Mom changed me to a smaller kibble cuz I was gobbling it up and puking. But all these extra veggies and embellishments, I think I feel gypped. I guess if it took me too long to eat Wilma would just steal my food. oh well.

  10. I think we need something like that - Maggie has started to choke while she eats...