Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Broken Orbs?

Everyone knows my best feature is my orbs. They get me all sorts of attention/treats/extra pets, and get me out of all sorts of trouble. Lately though, mom noticed my orbs seemed puffy and I was loosing my hair.

See I don't like to have my nails trimmed, and mom hates to put me through getting them cut too often, so as a result they can grow a little long. Well my allergies have been a mess and I've been sneezing and lots of eye goobers, so I've been pawing my face. Mom first thought I might have scratched the corner of my eye, but now she's not so sure. She says it's gotten worse and this means another trip to the vet!

When I was a wee one, I'd gotten the flu from a dog park (I suspect that place was also the reason I got that weird bacteria so that place is banned!), so mom has eye ointment that she's been using on me, but it's not getting better. Ugh...are my orbs broken?? What will I do without my orbs?? No extra treats? No extra attention? No getting out of trouble?!? GASP. This is unacceptable.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone have any solutions before I go back to the vet? Mom says she's spent so much money at the vet that he can retire early. I hope my friends out in the blog-verse can help me.


  1. Oh no! Not the Orbs.

    Uh, wait. I'm being interrupted. Dutch says to say {quote} you make him feel like a man. a macho man {end quote}.

    No idea what that means, but I know my human was trying to take pictures of him today for some special something...

    ANYWAY. Back to the orbs. My human (the vet wanna be) noticed the puffy baldness around one of your orbs in a picture she took. Allergies were her first thought, but that's before she knew the funk was on one orb only.

    Now she's thinking the diagnosis is blepharitis (aka, puffy eyes). I hope she's wrong because that usually calls for a vet visit *and* the cone of shame. I guess demodectic mange can look like that too, but usually isn't puffy and you're kinda old for demodex.

    Boo to broken orbs!!

  2. I'm not sure what it is, but I hope you get better very soon, and you don't have to see the vet!

  3. Oh Bella, not the orbs. I'd like to say I have a clue, but I won't even venture a guess. You won't like my answer, but get thee to a vet pronto. The orbs are nothing to fool with. I once had a scratched cornea and it was very painful. I needed two different drops for it,plus the cone of shame. I hope it isn't serious B, but please get it checked and let us know.

  4. Could it be a bite of some sort? I hears that chipmunks are on the rampage in some parts of blogville! I hope it gets better fast! In the meantime, I'm thinking your good orb will still get you lots of treats!


  5. Oh Bella! This looks like no fun AT ALL!

    My first thought was a demodectic mange or some sort of mite, although like Puglet's human, I am surprised by how puffy it looks.

    So basically, I am stumped and think you may have to go to the vetty anyway. Please tell your momma that we can SO RELATE on the vet expenses. We MUST be the patient of the week/month/year at our vets for how often we go. :/

    We MUST get your orbs back to health! Keep us all posted!


  6. Bellatrix,
    You get into so many sitches. . . When I had an ENORMOUS puffy eye, it was a slight infection that cleared itself up - BUT I DIDN"T TOUCH IT! According the my other mommy, paws and nails are filled with bacteria and when ONE scratches that itchy eye, it breeds infection. I think the vet is your best bet. We certainly don't want anything to happen to your BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL Orbs.
    Love Noodles

  7. Awww thanks guys. Mom's been sticking this icky eye stuff on it for days, and she says it's been helping a little bit, but she's pretty sure a vet visit is in order. She wants to make sure my orbs don't get worse, because orbs are super important!
    I totally googled blepharitis puglet, and you may be right, that totally sounds and looks like what I've got! It makes me sad that my orbs are broken...

  8. Well Bella I am on eye ointment right now for another yes another corneal ulcer (aka scratch on the orb). It has antibiotic stuffs. If you get some of that goo from the vet its not too bad to put in the orbs. We hope its just an infections and nothing serious.


  9. Oh Belly!! We are sorry to hear 'dis and we's send kisses to yous orbs!! We's still pretty sure 'dat yous magic isn't gone completely just may work in another spot until yous orbs are better...

    Try wagging yous tail... maybe 'dats yous new special powers untils yous orbs are betters!!!

    Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man

  10. Oh Bella,
    So sorry to hear that your not feeling well. Sending lots of pug hugs your way, so you will feel better soon. Your orbs are still the cutest.

    Love Ya

  11. Oh no, not the orbs!Yoda had a lot of orb issues. Most of them were related to scratches or once an evil foxtail & yes blephartis & it looked like that. He had the same orb power as you (maybe not as strong as yours)even when the orbs weren't 100% he was still able orb. We're not worried at all, orbs or not, Bella you'll always have your mojo. Please feel better really soon. You're in our pug prayers.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  12. Bellatrix! Your poor orbs! Were sorry we have no information for you. We sure hope you get better quick! We don't want your eyes to hurt! All I know is I got tons of eye buggies and my mommie constantly is trying to clean my orbs!