Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Act of Cuteness

So as you know I went to Pug Sunday yesterday and I was super sleepy on the way home....well dad captured what mom has deemed a super cute picture. I'm not so sure about that, I mean can't a pug sleep in peace? Well since mom has the hands (while I have the paws) and she technically does this blog for me, she decided this picture stays up. I'm not happy.

Here's my buddy Brother Dutch, his mom says he doesn't like to take pictures, so mom and dad had to take this on the sly. See mom wanted him for my random page, and because he's my secret crush (Spencer I said secret), I was super happy to share my page with him. That's his Henrietta chicken, he's super cute when he carries it around.

This was a super nice pug I met at the event, her name was Mimi. Mom thought she was a cutie and should make her debut on this page.

Here's my buddy Noodle. Noodle is this really cool pug, who lives near me, but we've never met. She is a lot like me, she's a heavy chewer, so mom recommended my favorite treat in the whole universe...the Himalayan yak chew. Yum-mo! I even shared a few with her, hey I'm all for helping a fellow pug out especially when it comes to food. So everyone sit back and enjoy her serious cuteness.

And let me take this minute to apologize...I had put Noodle as a he, but she's a she...I have changed it. Sorry Noodle!! I just wanted a fellow hermaphrodite to hang with. Love ya


  1. Pug meetups are the most fun! Looks like you were pooped afterwards!

  2. That's a lot of random cuteness Bella! I'm all for it. The cuter the better!

  3. Lincoln and I love the random acts of cuteness...especially since I made it on there once (hehe). So jealous you get to meet up with everyone, wish I lived closer...:(

    P.S. doesn't the car always lull you to sleep? It does me!


    Minnie Moo

  4. Very cute!!!! Glad you all had such fun!

  5. Hey Bellatrix,
    I am a divine she pug not he pug . . . but that's okay. Everyone calls me HE because my Mommys do not put pink on me.
    I hope we meet soon. I think we will have so much fun together.
    Thanks for posting my mug.
    Love Noodles.

  6. Belly OMD we love your random cuteness posts. Mimi is super extra fluffy puggy we loves her!


  7. Bella -T

    Love the supercute Mini,,I so look forward to seeing all the cuteness,, But nobody can top your cuteness. He,He....That just sounds very suck up... I blame my Mom, she typing LOL...

    Love Ya

  8. So much cuteness Belly!!!

    'dat Pho-toes of Mini is so adorables!! She be all what?? hee hee... and Noodle doesn't even knows her pho-toes taken..snorts!!!

    Awwwww... yous all cutes!!!


    IzZY has been playing wits Anakin Mans blue dolphin stuffie yous sent hims.. AND she's tried to hide it's... butt 'da Josie found it's and gave it backs to hims!! hee hees..


    'da Josie

  9. oh... sorry... 'da Josie needs her vision works cleaned.. 'dat Puggies name is Mimi!! not Mini!!

    okay.. now I go nap like Noodles..