Sunday, September 12, 2010

A HAPpening Place

Every Sunday Spencer and I head down to our favorite dog park in the universe (yes I've been all over the universe) Hap McGee! It's a ton of fun and Sunday mornings are happening!

This morning was extra special for a few reasons. First off, I hadn't seen Spencer in like a week...yes that's one whole week. It's unheard of to go that long without quality Spencer time, but my mom has been getting home so late from work, that she has no time for a visit to the dog park and it's getting darker earlier. got an email from....

...PUG!!! See Pug has a bit of a habit of eating wood chips (and sticks) and it's super hard to find an enclosed dog park that doesn't have wood chips in it. Hap McGee does have some wood chips in it, but it's mostly grass and there are always lots of fun dogs to play with, so Pug has plenty to do besides eat those chips!

Brother Dutch was there too! It was so much fun....we had a blast. There was this cool dog Kizzie (who loves his flying disc) there and it was his birthday...he turned 4! So there was food there and toys galore. Fun was had by all, and hanging out with Spencer, Pug and Dutch always puts a smile on my face (and my mom's). So I put this out to all you bay area dog (not just pug) owners....check out this park! Totally worth it. I will try to post in advance when we're all going so maybe you can join us.


  1. It looks like you had a great day. We wanted to go but our human is sick again! Too much school & not enough rest & especially not enough pug love. We made her promise the next time you are at the Hap she would take us. So we hope to see you soon.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
    P.S. How's the mange? We hope you're doing better.

  2. Bella,

    Looks like you had lots of fun at the dog park. Lincoln and I wished we lived a lot closer so we could hang out too. The dog park close to us doesn't have other puggies to play with :( But it does have lots and lots of really big dogs :)


    Minnie Moo

  3. How fun, Bellatrix! You always have the best time!

    Oh, and I read about your mange. :( I am so glad you got it figured out! I sure hope that it gets all cleared up so that your orbs are back to their usual perfection!!!


  4. Hi Bellatrix,
    I hope I can join you some Sunday. I am not tooooo far away (SouthBay) from you.
    Love Noodles

  5. Hey Bellatrix,

    My mom had to work yesterday so we didn't get to come and play and shop with you guys. But Puglet told me that you found a collar for me. My mom says that we can go and take a look at it, she would not commit to buying it for me something about money. Do you ever go to Dog Bone Alley during the week? or maybe next Sunday afternoon?? And Boka says that he wants to come cause you thought he was hot! geez

    See ya
    Miley (the spotted wanna be pug)

  6. Oh I wish all you pugs (and non pugs) lived near me, I'm an EOP..that's equal opportunity playa..hehe.

    Noodles, Zoey and Phoebe...we've totally got to have a pug park take over! Pug and Spencer will be in on it too.

  7. Miley!! I've heard so many awesome things about you and Boka (oh I have such a thing for Dalmations!!) from Pug and Dutch (shhh he's my secret crush). Mom says there is a Dog Bone Alley in Alameda and one in Danville (where we went Sunday). The owner lady is super nice and can get you any of the collars in any of the sizes. I go twice a month, or more if I eat all my treats.
    Mom says she can pick one up for you and mail it, or give it to Dutch's mom for you. You can email mom all your questions. I really hope we meet soon. I'd be in spotted heaven.

  8. Bells,

    Glad you had a great time, Love hearing all about it. Keep up with EOP with your bad self.


  9. Bellatrix,

    I have a show on Sunday and mom says on the way home we will drive right through Danville, we live in Castro Valley. If I'm good we can stop and get cookies and maybe the collar. I will have my mom email your mom.


  10. Oh Belly!!!

    Looks like so much fun!!
    Too bad 'dere wasn't three others puggies in 'dat park too (hee hee)

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man


    glad yous eyeball is better!!