Sunday, September 5, 2010

I've Conquered Pug Sunday in San Francisco!!

So today was Pug Sunday in San Francisco, an event that occurs on the first Sunday of every month. Normally mom and I don't go, see it's not enclosed and mom gets nervous that I will run off, and the street is like right she's nervous that I'm going to go running and get hit by a car. So because mom enjoys her gray free head of hair (she asked me to add that she doesn't dye it either..shesh mom!) she tends to avoid situations where I can run around off leash where I may run into the street. Well today dad was off work (yeah!) and he was able to go with us and keep an eye on me. See first I had to stay on leash....

But then she let me off and I ran like a pug who had just had some caffeine. Oh I made sure I came back when mom and dad called me, I didn't want to have to go back on leash, but there were lots of pugs to play with (including Spencer) and I made sure I met them all.

Good times are had by us Bay Area pugs, but when someone whips out a treat (in this case Ms. Amanda had salmon rolls!) all bets are off and some serious pug begging/utter cuteness begins.

Even Brother Dutch, who isn't a pug, was there and he was playing with his Henrietta chicken with my daddy. My mom tried to throw it, but she throws like a girl and Dutch was fed up with her. Mom and dad want to take Dutch home with us, I love him so I wouldn't mind, but his mom and brother Pug would I'm sure.

After all that fun and running around Spencer and I piled into mom's car and took a long nap. This was me in the back seat. I must protest because dad took this and I was too sleepy to look my best. I am currently planning my revenge....daddy watch your back.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! My mom gets nervous about having me off the leash, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Hi Bellatrix!
    I remember whwn we first started going to meetups they were at a park without a fence. At first Mom and Dad were nervous to let me and Britte off leash(Sluggo was just a glimmer in Coleys eye then) There was this group pug mentality. We all pretty much stuck together in a pack. A few rouge trips a little too close to the woods, or a breakaway to the pavillion when people were grilling meat, but overall, we all listened and came back. I'm glad you got the chance to have a true meetup of freedom experience. I hope you have many nore. Our meetup is now enclosed. I miss the old days!

  3. What a fun outing! I'm glad that you were able to be off leash and enjoy all your other fellow Pugs. Mommy and Daddy keep looking for a Puggle meetup in the Philadelphia/NJ area for me to meet other Puggles...hopefully one day. You still look cute in your napping pic ;)

  4. Bella,

    You have now had off leash fun!!!!! So glad your time at the park was exciting.

    Hope you and your family have a great Labor Day and look forward to reading about all your adventures and seeing pictures of your supercuteness.

    Love Ya

  5. Oooh whatcha going to do to Dad for taking the picture? We have some great ideas if you need help Belly! Wink*Wink*

    Sequoia and Tuni

  6. What fun Belly!!!!

    Lots of Puggies runnin' round!! 'da Only ones of 'da leash evfurs is... wait for its... ME!!!
    'da Josie!! hee hees..

    Izzy or Anakin can't be trusted... SNORTS!!!
    Mommys hairs will turns 'da gray too!! She dyes hers toes... not for grays.. butt 'cuz she's in CIA and went from Blonde to brown to black to red and tinkin' blond agains.... (she's natural blonde).. why she do 'dis??? craZy.. 'da Josie dye my fur blue!!!! SNORTS!!!!!

    'da Josie

  7. Looks like you had a fantastical time! I'm so glad you were a good girl off-leash! Hopefully your mom is still gray-hair-free!!


    PeeS: I thinks you look cute so sleepy in the car. Hehe..