Sunday, September 19, 2010

Notice no pictures!

This is totally moms fault!! I had a blast this weekend...I even explored a whole new place called Pt. Isabel. I met up with Pug and Dutch and ran around like a pug on crack. It was crazy as can be. I only gave mom a mini heart attack once (maybe 6 times) when I ran down and seemed waaaaaay to interested in the bay waters. Mom stuck me on a leash....oh the humiliation when all the other dogs were running off leash and into the waters, but nope around the water I had to stay on leash. Mom did say I was very well behaved and didn't run away (well maybe a couple of times) but I always came back. I was also good and didn't harass Pug and Dutch (too much), and I had a blast and I totally think some Pug Invasion of Pt. Isabel should happen. Hmmm...

Ok, so sorry there are no pictures.....seems mom forgot to take pictures. Yeah, notice how I didn't say she forgot the camera, just forgot to take pictures. Fabulous right? So I say another trip out to Pt. Isabel is a must and I'll force mom to take pictures.

On Sunday, I went to Hap McGee with Spencer and had an uber awesome time. I played my little butt off, and made sure he played with me. In fact, if he tried to jump to grandma's lap and I would jump up there too, and bite him until he jumped down and played with me. Hehe...seems he likes his tail in one piece. Too bad, I enjoy gnawing on it.

So I propose this all you bay area pugs and non-pugs, how about we invade Pt. Isabel one Sunday and make ourselves known.


  1. Hello Bella!!!! I'z had a song on my bloggy today while Mommy was meeting someone who you 'prolly not know~ SNORTS!!!!!! Silly!!!! Mommy and Daddy and Josie meet your Spencer's Mommy!!!
    Josie was tellin' me how pretty's she is and sweet!! Mommy wants her hair!!! AND!!!! (snorts) Mommy saw a pho-toes of your Momma... hers pretty too...
    Oh Mommy had great time and hopefully will meet your Momma one day too and we's like to meet our Bella!! And... Point Isabel..
    Ummm... hellos...Thats our names....

    Does your orbs work at Point Isabel.. or I'z it just too much Bella ness...SNORTS!!!

    Hugs Belly Buttons!!!
    IzZY, Josie(hee hee...'da Josie meets yous auntie and Anakin Man

  2. Hey Gang!!
    Spencer's mom sent my mom a picture of your mom meeting her. Josie was in the picture and it was so much prettiness in one place! Mom was jealous that you all got to bad Spencer wasn't there, but then he may leave me for some Josie love. Mom can't wait to hear about all the fun you guys had. Some day we will all meet, even if it's just to enjoy a treat.
    You silly Izzy, I didn't even think about your name at the place. See you is famous.

  3. That sounds like a great weekend-besides the humiliation of being put on leash ;) BOL and we do miss those pictures!

  4. Fun and no pictures?! how can this be?! You definitely deserve another trip ASAP!

    Maybe Pug and Dutch's mom took pictures....


    Minnie Moo

  5. I think it's my human's fault. She had the big giant camera but was too busy running her big giant mouth to take pictures.

    Minnie Moo is right - we need a do over ASAP!

    Bella, next time you have to save room for one of those granola things from Redhound. Soooooooo freaking tasty - I actually chewed, it tasted so good.

  6. Hey Pug, I totally loved Pt. Isabel, so I orbed mom with maximum force so that she forgot to take pictures. This was all part of my plan to have her take me back. Once your foot feels better, we'll have to go back. I say we get a pug rally going, pug invasion (this includes Brother Dutch). Oh I totally think I'm going to super uber orb mom into getting me one of those yummy treats. Maybe we can invade them again, I know Spencer would love one.