Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sock (Monkey) It To Me!

Mom has heard this delicious rumor that there was this awesome bed, it looks like a monkey, but is really a bed. What is this mysterious item?

Why it's a Sock Monkey bed! Mom saw this on Wilma's blog and had to have it. I sent dad to Google (I thought it was a store) but it wasn't there. After a short time at Google, dad found it at Walgreen's. The next day mom was a little late coming home from work....

....and this was what she brought in the door. Now I've never shared this with you guys before, but I don't accept new beds very well. See, it's a process really. Mom has to sneak the new bed in the house when I'm not here, like dad takes me out to potty or something...then I bop in and I'm like "whoa" Then I have to drag the bed around, bite/chew it...sometimes I like to scratch it...but then finally.....

...Acceptance! I know what you're saying...the bed is a little small, but I like it so it's a keeper. I have made it my own and with minimal biting. I am super happy mom and dad got me this new bed. I highly recommend you orb your own mom or dad (grandparents work too) into buying you one.

I would also like to say a big thanks to everyone who wished my eyes well, I guess I have to go to the vet. Mom says I have to get my orbs back in time to smize....sorry but ANTM is back and mom and I are giddy.


  1. Oh Belly!!!! You are soooo super cute in yous sock monkey bed!!!!!

    Looks like yous Orbs will be working in no time, but for now, yous still got some skills to score 'dat bed!! Yep, yous tail wagging skills!!!

    hee hee!!
    'da Josie

  2. Ahhhhh a sock monkey bed! Our Walgreens is almost built....Tuni drives by counting the days till its finished....she is a little looney.

    WE both do hope your orbs get back to regular working order soon!


  3. SOCK MONKEYS RULE! They are being sold everywhere we can get our paws on. We can't wait to get one for xmas!
    -Baby and Lucy

  4. I totally got this says if anyone can't get their paws on one(but they want one) email mom and she'll get you one and send it off! Her Walgreen's had lots!!

  5. You look adorable in your sock monkey bed!!

    Brutus LOVES his sock monkey bed! He will curl up in it and use the head as a pillow :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  6. Sock monkey beds are the best thing since sliced bread - maybe even better than sliced bread!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. I'm so glad you got a sock monkey bed Bella. They are the bomb! I love that they are small, with a nice bolster all around to hold me in a tight little ball. Plus, no one fit's in there with me. Not for lack of trying though!

  8. Hi Bella!

    I have a sock monkey bed too! And I have HATED it for like a month, but recently Momma has been catching me snoozing in it! I am just like you!

    You look VERY cute in that bed! I hope you get your orb situation figured out. Keep us posted, ok?


  9. Ooohhh, I think I must have one. If my girlfriend has one Mom, why can't I? Off to Walgreens ya'll
    Belly- get those orbs back to work sister. We need to convince our moms to take us to Dog Bone Alley this weekend!!

  10. Oh Bellatrix,
    I am so happy you got a sock monkey bed too!!! It took my mommys weeks and 4 different Walgreens to finally find the bed. I love it. I got it just before we went to Tahoe - it fits perfectly in my crate. It totally fits my petite bod, too.
    Your Mommy and Daddy love you lots, I can tell.
    Love Noodles

  11. That bed is so funny! I would probably think it was a toy and drag it all around the house :)

  12. Those Monkey Beds are so popular!! I think I might be a little too bigs for it though. Maybe I should get one for my doxie sister??


  13. Super cool bed! Thanks for the Walgreen's tip. Hope your orb is doing better! It's tough having allergies, I have them too.


  14. Ohhh Bellatrix that is one of the kewlest doggie beds I've ever seen!