Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take note you may need this site some day!!

Dad was "googling" the other day when he came across this site that made mom sad. It's Some of you may know what the Amber Alert is for humans, if you don't it's an alert that goes out when a child is stolen from their home. Signs on the highways tell you what car to look for and a possible license plate. This expose helps bring the child home. It makes sense that they have this for pets too, as we often our the only child in our household.

I hope no one ever gets lost or stolen from your loving home, but if you do make sure you have recent photos. One should be of the face, one full body and if you have an item of distinction get a picture of that (you know like if you're a hermaphrodite-yes mom took pictures of that! she's so rude) Now I know what you're saying "Bellatrix I'm micro chipped!" Yes so am I, but if you were stolen don't you think someone will lie to the vet? Or just never have you checked for that chip. Chips also migrate (yes they don't just stay put) and often times vets or shelters miss it because it's not where it's suppose to be. Mom used to work at shelters, she knows sometimes chips get overlooked.

Now I just hope some of you may go and join this site and help keep an eye out in your community for lost/stolen dogs and cats, but if anything happens and you get lost or stolen, I hope you moms and dads remember the site.


  1. Holy. Awesome puglic service announcement, Bella-T. I had no idea there was such a website - hope I never have to use it, but glad it's there.

    A dog I know from our local park got stolen (her name is Ceba). Her people left her for 2 minutes outside Rainbow Foods and when they came back, she wasn't there. They were totally frantic and looked everywhere, put out an APB on the local dog group.

    I think it was the next day that the evildoer who stole Ceba called her people and demanded a ransom. Of course they paid it and Ceba came home safely. But how freaking scary!

  2. Thanks for the tip. Our world would be destroyed if we ever lost our human. This is good to know especially after hearing Puglet's story about his friend Ceba. You're the best, Bella.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  3. Wow Bella, thanks for sharing. This is very important stuff you are pugging about here. It makes our Mommy sad to think we would ever get lost or stolen. In the great state of Kentucky, a doggie just got "refound" seven years later because of one of those microchips. He stills comes to his same name and everything. He was kidnapped years and years ago and somehow found his way back. His microchip had moved around and everything!

    Thanks for the update!


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  4. This is a super great ideas. We luv that you posted abouts it.

    Thank yous