Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

You can always tell it's Monday. Mom has to go to work, I usually head off to daycare and you log onto my blog (cause you're awesome) and you want cuteness. I hope to deliver that to you. So as you know I had a busy Sunday, I mean lots of serious play action occurred...and by last night I was one sleepy pug. So I did what any other pug does...hop onto the nearest lap and take over. Who cares if they are comfortable or if their feet are falling asleep (what are pins and needles anyways?) it's all about my comfort. Please excuse my wisdom patch, it seems to have says it's justice for all the white hair I have given him.

This was me at Hap McGee park taking a breathing break. With my short and slightly crooked nose I can get a bit over heated. Don't get me wrong...this isn't a hint for me to stop...that will never's just that I need a slight "catch my breathe" moment before I attack....

SPENCER!!! He thinks he can jump onto the bench to get a break from me...and it used to work when I was a wee little one, but now I jump on there and bite him until he jumps down and chases me. I mentioned earlier that I'm an EOP...that's Equal Opportunity Playa...and I will work my way around the park. Mom says I'm a shameless hussy working the park for all it's worth, but a pug has to know how to work it, and work it I do.

As you know I also open my blog to all the cuteness the universe has to offer. This here is Sluggo, sister to Wilma. He's a member of the Fire Hydrant Club, and while I'm a member of the Sunflower Sisters, I can technically moonlight in the boys only FHC. Shh...don't tell the boys but I'm a spy for the Sisters. hehe. So this cutie is Sluggo and I must say his attitude is fantastic in this picture. You can tell he didn't want to be bothered, and that his cuteness didn't want to be shared...oh well Sluggo our mom's seem to always have a camera in their hands. We just have to understand that our cuteness is like a curse that never ends...

Mom wants to remind everyone that you can email her a picture of your cuteness so that you too can be featured on my blog.


  1. **Heaves heavy sigh**
    Don't we love Mondays? Our human has us stay home alone with five other dogs so it is like a doggy daycare minus humans. Mondays here are just plain sleepy besides catching Baby sneaking a chocolate pretzel from the kitty litterbox. I tried to tell him that those chocolate covered treats are really not treats. At least I'm not kissing his face when I get home. Random acts of kindness - Bellatrix you do fine with that. It is so kind of you to feature other pugs on your pug blog. Everyone deserve some recognition one way or another. I wish you the best Tuesday because Monday is technically over and done with.
    ~Lulu the Pug Princess

  2. How cute is Sluggo with all those wrinkles! I am also currently curling up on a lap not caring if they are comfortable or anything else as I have been playing HARD all day and now I am officially tired @ 10:05pm!

  3. You're much cuter when your orbs are open, Bella. And Sluggo is a dude, so I'm not saying if he's supercute or not. But my human says he is ;)

  4. Oh Belly!!!!!

    You are just too funny wits yous wisdom patch!!

    Guess what!!!! Mommy is going to meet yous Spencers Mommy 'dis weekend!!!!!!!

    Oh Belly!!! We's hope one day to meet you all too!!! We's sure it will happen!!

    Sluggo is adorable!!! (don't tell Wilma we's said 'dat) SNORTS

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  5. Sluggo, looking good...I love all the cuteness that happens here all the time. EOP... keep it on the down low... Miss Playa...


  6. Hi Bellatrix!!!
    It's Sluggo! Thanks so much for honoring me in your Random acts of cuteness post.You really made my day. I am in a the doghouse so to speak around here since I stole the Sunflower Club map. I was afraid WIlma was going to take away my bully and the piggo the Brigitte gave me. I really appreciate the boost.
    Shameless hussy? I disagree.

  7. Awww.... I'm a little late to this post but this would sure brighten up anyone's Monday!